Entry #13

Avant-Garde Assassin

2009-07-25 11:59:07 by Zackie

An upcoming game. Presented by ESP animations and me

Here's the poster i designed.

Avant-Garde Assassin


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2009-07-25 12:03:55

coo but im no allowed to play those games im 10 anyway plese coment on my page

Zackie responds:

Depends, the game isn't gonna be so violent...or will it?


2009-07-25 12:06:40

Well then, Abominabletoaster, it sucks to be you. :)


2009-07-25 12:36:01

Zackie, any more in-game info? What is this all about?

Zackie responds:

We're still working on a storyline for this.


2009-07-26 07:45:45

Oooh!Looks great!I am very much looking forward to it!

Zackie responds:

I might update it every week or so, depending on ESP


2009-10-01 08:45:17

long time no see...
anyways, poster looks yummy. Although I am not expecting something extraordinary, I guess I can still hope.

Zackie responds:

Hey MeLucky, it has certianly been long since i last saw you.


2010-03-22 06:58:47

Looks interesting, I like the effect on the gun. Also it says 'an animation' but you said it was a game, minor flaw.

btw I watched some of your cartoons, nice work. your pretty good, just try to be more original with your stories.

Zackie responds:

lol, well bad news there. The project has been scrapped due to lack of progress and my computer crashed, causing me to lose all the sprites.

I haven't been animating for half a year now because of this. Oh well, hopefully i can get back sooner or later


2011-04-28 17:13:27

is it out yet???!