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Avant-Garde Assassin

2009-07-25 11:59:07 by Zackie

An upcoming game. Presented by ESP animations and me

Here's the poster i designed.

Avant-Garde Assassin

Swordsman anim

2009-06-12 22:50:46 by Zackie

Surprisingly, this animation doesn't bore me.

Swordsman anim

New anim : Duet

2009-05-23 11:14:21 by Zackie

A compilation of two more collab parts

Preloader is downloadable at the Extras, enjoy!

New animation - Just tests

2009-02-22 10:58:19 by Zackie

Not as epic as i expected it to be but i promise there will be more.

New animation - Just tests

We wish you a...

2008-12-25 03:38:22 by Zackie

Had fun?

We wish you a...

Something i made.

2008-11-26 10:34:51 by Zackie

Well...what do you think?

If the image is too small, here's the bigger version. /zA3-_/Others/Insane-1.jpg

Something i made.

Terrain fight completed

2008-10-31 23:50:01 by Zackie

Due to the fact, i've lost all my files during the reboot about 1.5 months ago. I'm back to animation after 3 months of silence. First to start off, i've been doing some tests to break the rustiness. These are just some tests to show. Bear the fact, that they're stick figure animation. alview.php?creation=210 > Just a test ?t=59943 > Terrain fight

Terrain fight completed

Much bad news

2008-09-25 10:37:18 by Zackie

Well...for those of you who didn't know.
My computer had encountered a virus, it keeps restarting itself. I can't even access my anti-virus scan. As a result, i had to reboot it, losing all my files in my hard drive.

I didn't back it up as i was too lazy to even install the local drive. Well...that was definitely a lesson learnt and a painful one too. Took me about a year gathering sounds from various sites. Downloading tons of musics to use for my animations and they're all gone.

All currents projects that were in delay were jumped to extinction. my old animations, including those i haven't post online were eradicated as well. Currents projects includes:

- Rifles
- Swordsman
- The Legend 1.0
- Terkoiz Vs. Zackie 2
- World War 2
- ZVP : Lockdown

Yea...well...let's be optimistic and look of the bright side. Now, i can start working on tests and new projects instead of focusing on what's left behind.

If you can help in any way, i would greatly appreciate it. That's it for now.

New screenie

2008-09-02 10:55:09 by Zackie

Here a new screenie of Swordsman, a project that was made on April, delay on June and continued on August. The animation is about 2 minutes long now. Stay tuned

Note :
My exams are here at the moment so just lemme finish my examinations first so i can continue working on my current projects.

New screenie

Check it out, comments?